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GEMEF CRAC RIZ - the Name says it all

… Our principal, the French Cereals Specialist GEMEF is a
traditional as well as innovative Supplier.
… Since we can offer to our customers a range of more than 25 different CRAC RIZ products , there will be for sure the suitable Article for YOUR Production, too.
… And if not… GEMEF will be pleased to create a New, Customized CRAC RIZ Product , according to Your Needs.

Recommended For Biscuits :

CRAC RIZ MICRO, 1002 >>brings a Lot of Volume to the Biscuit and a Very Pleasant Crunchiness 513 , 511 or STANDARD >>Toppings on dry biscuits , sticked with Egg or Syrup

Best For Chocolate :

427 , 549 , 817 , 1019 >> gives a Very Crunchy Effect and Lighter Calories to Chocolate/Wafer Bars MICRO >> for Fatty Fillings, replaces Nut Splits with Less Calories and More , Long Lasting Crunch 969 >> for "Maltesers"

Favorites For Ice Cream:

MICRO , 625 MIX , 937 >> used for the Chocolate Coating to reach a Crunchy , Light Taste, different from Nut Splits C266 or C462 >> inside the Ice Cream or on Toppings to offer a Surprisingly Crunch Event to the Customer

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