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Complete Range of COCOA Products, imported from Various Origins

Cocoa Powder :

- Produced from well fermented, best quality Cocoa Beans
- Cocoa Powder is available in either high or low fat of different flavors and colors, available Alkalized or Natural
- Used extensively in the bakery and confectionery industries for any products, that require the Cocoa Aroma and Taste

Cocoa Butter :

- Produced from selected Quality Beans
- Cocoa Butter is available in two main forms : Natural and Deodorized
- Cocoa Butter is mainly used in High Quality Chocolate Products.

Cocoa Mass :

- Cocoa Mass is obtained by Roasting and then Grinding the Cocoa Nibs into a Liquor Mass
- Also Cocoa Mass , if Alkalized or Natural, is used for the Production of Quality Chocolat

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