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Our wide Range of FLACHSMANN Flavours

The Aim of our Swiss Principal FLACHSMANN is to supply every single Branch of the Food and Confection Industrie with taylormade flavors.

The Success of this long traditioned company lyes in speciallizing flavors for different products:
a Chewing Gum for instance needs another Strawberry Feature, than a Wafer Filling .

It will be easy to find out in below table, how many different tastes you can offer to your customers by using FLACHSMANN flavors.

Since we have a large amount of various articles available in our Warehouse, we can provide you immediately and flexible to meet your special needs.

Please note, that P = Powder flavor and L = Liquid Flavor.

Don`t hesitate to ask us for a Fluid / Powder Item , you miss, since below table shows just a small section of the complete FLACHSMANN Product Range.

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