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GUM BASE - a name - a company - a product

Gum Base Co. S.p.A., a daughter company of PERFETTI, who itself is one of the leading producers of chewing gum, headquartered near Milan in Italy, develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of bubble and chewing gum bases for the confectionery, nutritional and pharmaceutical industries.

Gum bases are manufactured from resins, waxes, elastomers, fillers and other additives by means of a mixing process.

Gum Base Co.'s strength is the "tailor-made gum base".

Customers may choose from a range of more than 200 different gum bases formulations, supplied in 5 different shapes, i.e. slabs (8kg), sheets ( 1kg), drops ( 1cm), pearls and pellets ( 2cm) , according to customers' requests or product peculiarities


Gum Base Co. offers a variety of products that are the right solution to all requirements with regard to quality and price.

Applications of Gumbase

Chewing Gum
Bubble Gum
Functional Gum
Cut & Wrap
Center filled
Fruit Shapes
Center Filled
Cotton Gum


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