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A FOOD ADDITIVE is a nonfood substance, added to food during its processing to preserve it or improve its color, texture, flavor, or value.

IRONS, MINERALS AND VITAMINS are regularly introduced into foods to compensate for losses during processing or to provide additional nutrients.

IODINE may be added to salt, VITAMIN A to margarine, VITAMIN D to milk.

FLAVORING AGENTS make up the largest single class of additives, and include SALTS, SPICES, ESSENTIAL OILS AND NATURAL AND ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS (see FLAVORS).


GUMS,DEXTRINS AND STARCHES are used to give more substance to soups and desserts.

PECTIN and GELATIN are added to thicken jams and jellies.

LECITHIN acts as an Emulsifier in dressings and chocolates.( see LECITHIN)

The ADDITIVES used to preserve food are primarily chemical microbial agents, such as the BENZOATES, PROPIONATES, and SORBATES that retard spoilage by bacteria, yeasts, and molds.

ANTIOXIDANTS are used to keep fats and oils from spoiling and to prevent discoloration of smoked or canned meats.

ASCORBIC ACID is useful as a means of preventing the discoloration of canned fruits.

We import a wide range of above additives and Improvers, due to our customers requests and the current season.

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